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Complete List of Playscripts

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The narrator is not included in the number of characters in each playscript.

1. Cinderella. 7 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm.

2. The Spirit Inside The Bottle. 3 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm.

3. The Mice Wedding. 10 characters ( animal characters: Mice)

4. The Chair. 3 characters. Author: Unknown. Moral Value: Faith in God.

5. The Good Man and His Son. 6 characters. Author: Aesop Fable. Moral Value: We can not always do what people want us to do. We can´t please everybody because there will always be someone who will not agree with us. Don´t listen to other people’s gossip.

6. Story of the First Thanksgiving.

7. The Sunflower. 2 characters

8. The Mousetrap. 7 characters – animal characters: Mouse, Chicken, Lamb, Cow

9. The Tree and the Woodcutter. 8 characters – (animal characters: Rabbit, Bird, Dove). Moral Value: Respect for Nature

10 . The Wolf and the Little Goats4 characters – (animal characters: Wolf, Goats)

11. The Princess and The Frog /The Golden Ball. 4 characters (animal characters: Frog). Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

12. The Blind Men and the Elephant. 8 characters – (animal characters: Elephants)

13. A Crazy Story. 8 characters – (animal characters: wolf, pigs)

14. The Suitcase. 5 characters

15. The Magic Pencil. 3 characters

16. The Little Red Flower. 3 characters.

17. Little Red Riding Hood. 3 characters (animal characters: wolf). Author: Brothers Grimm.

18. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 4 characters - (animal characters: Bears) Folktale

19. Mr. Cat´s Party . 9 characters – (animal characters : Squirrel, Bear, Turtle , Rabbit, Crow, Deer, Moose,Cat)

20. The Puzzle. 6 characters

21. The First Day of School. 6 characters

22. Los Tres Cochinitos Contra el Virus A-H1N1. 27 y mas personajes. Author: K I D S I N C O

23. The Stork and The Fox. 2 characters. Author: Aesop Fable. Moral: One bad turn deserves another.

24. Treasure Mountain. 4 characters.

25. Sleeping Beauty. 9 characters

26. Cinderella. 9 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

27. A Peasant Boy and the Dragon. 4 characters

28. A Man, His Horse, and His Dog. 3 characters. Author: A Folktale from Egypt.

29. Mary, The Hen. 9 characters. Author: An Old English Folktale.

30. The Gingerbread Boy. 8 characters . Author: Unknown

31. Jack and the Beanstalk. 4 characters. Author: English Fairy Tale – Unknown.

32. It’s My Looks! 2 characters. Author: K I D S I N C O

33. The Tale of Petter Rabbit. 7 characters – (animal characters: Rabbits)

34.Chicken Little. 6 characters – (animal characters: Chicken, Hen, Duck, Goose,Turkey, Fox) Author: African

35. Beauty and the Beast. 5 characters .

36. The Ugly Duckling. 17 characters . ( animal characters: Ducks, Pig, Cow, Goat, Birds, Geese, Hen, Swans). Moral Value: Tolerance. : Hans Christian Andersen

37. Moses Story. 6 characters

38. The Emperor´s New Clothes. 10 characters or more. Author: Hans Christian Andersen

39. The Nightingale.5 characters. Author: Hans Christian Andersen

40.The Three King´s Daughters. 7 characters

41. The Three King´s Sons. 8 characters or more

42. The Three Trees. 10 characters

43. The Princess and the Pea. 4 characters. Author: Hans Christian Andersen

44. Rapunzel. 5 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

45. Medusa and Athena. 7 characters. Author: Greek Myth

46. The Old Witch. 3 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm

47. Mother Hulda. 6 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

48. The Three Little Pigs. 6 characters – (animal characters: Pigs, Wolf). English Fairy Tale by Joseph Jacobs. Moral: When you do a job, do it good. Moral Value: Patience, Hard Work, Perseverance.

49. Mother´s Day. 2 characters

50. Brother and Sister. 7 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

51. The Wolf and the Seven Kids. 9 characters (animal characters: Wolf, Goats). Author:Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

52. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 4 characters (animal characters: Goats)

53. The Fisherman and His Wife. 3 characters. (animal characters: Fish) Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

54. The Lion and the Mouse. 4 characters . (animal characters: Lion, Mouse)

55. The Hare and the Tortoise . 3 characters – (animal characters: Hare, Tortoise, Fox)

56. Brementon Musicians. 6 characters . – (animal characters: Donkey, Dog, Cat, Rooster). Author:Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

57. Twenty Five Rubies. 4 characters. Moral Value: Integrity

58. The Black Plate. 4 characters. Moral Value: Honesty

59. The Gift of Pearls. 5 characters. Moral Value: Humility

60. The Fox and The Goat. 2 characters , (animal characters: Fox, Goat)

61. The Elephant and The Dog. 6 characters. (animal characters: Dog, Elephant) Author: Jakata Tale

62. The Stone Soup. 10 characters. Author: Grimm Brothers. Moral Value: Cooperation

63. The Magic Turquoise. 4 characters

64. The Power of Rumour. 7 characters (animal characters: Hare, Lion, Parrot, Monkeys, Tigers, Elephants) Moral: Check a rumour before acting on it.

65.The Princess´s Ring. 5 characters.

66. Puss and Boots. 12 characters. (animal characters: Cat) . Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

67. The Golden Swan. 4 characters. (animal characters: Swan)

68. The Rabbit and the Coyote. 2 characters . (animal characters: Rabbit, Coyote)

69. The Fox and the Wolf. 5 or more characters . (animal characters: Fox, Wolf)

70. Independencia de Mexico. 6 characters or more. Author: Marco Antonio Fernandez

71. One Good Turn Deserves Another: 2 or more characters . (animal characters: Squirrel,Worms)

72.Why The Sea is Salt. 6 characters.

73. Ernest´s Party. 3 or more characters. (animal characters: Elephant, Monkeys)

74.Why the Bear’s Tail is Short. 4 characters. (animal characters: Fox, Bear)

75. How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune. 6 characters. (animal characters; Cat, Dog, Goat, Bull, Rooster)

76. The Swineherd. 7 or more characters. Author: Hans Christian Andersen

77. The Magic Cooking Pot. 5 characters

78. Tikki Tikki Tembo. 5 characters. Author: Chinese Folktale

79. The Story of Stone Soup. 11 characters or more. Author: Brothers Grimm

80. Grateful Prince. 9 or more characters (animals characters: Horse, Cow)

81. King Midas. 3 characters. Author: Greek Myth

82. Un Nuevo Mundo es Descubierto – 12 de Octubre de 1492

83. Camila and Her Brothers. 11 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

84. The Quails. (animal characters: Quails)

85. The Little Tree. (animal characters: Goat)

86. Snow White. 14 characters. Author: Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm

87. The Haunted House. 15 characters. By Miss Xochitl

88. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. (animal characters: Mice)

89. The Hill On Fire. 14 characters. Author: Celtic Fairy Tale

90. Thanksgiving Day. 17 characters. Author: K I D S I N C O

91. The Wizard of Oz. 12 characters. (animal characters: Lion). Author: L. Frank Baum.

92. La Revolucion Mexicana. 5 and MORE characters. Author: Marco Antonio Fernandez Diaz.

93. Beauty, The Bull. 3 characters. (animal characters: Bull) Moral Value: Respect. A Folkktale from Bhutan.

94. A Fable. 12 characters. (animal characters: Cat, Fox, Squirrel, Bear, Cow, Donkey, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Camel). By Mark Twain

95. The Fisherman. 7 or more characters. Moral Value: Gratitude. Albanian Folktale

96. A Christmas Carol. 16 characters. By Charles Dickens

97. The Nativity. 16 or more characters. Author: K I D S I N C O

98. Babushka. Characters 17 or more. A Folktale from Russia. A Christmas script with the Three Wise Man.

99. The Little Match Girl. 9 characters. By Hans Christian Andersen. A Christmas or New Year Playscript.

100. The Fairy´s New Year Gift. 3 characters. By Emilie Poulsso.

101. The Selfish Giant. 17 Characters. Author: Oscar Wilde

102. The Three Magic Gifts. 6 characters. A European Folktale

103. Pandora´s Box. 11 characters. Author:Greek Myth

104. Theseus and the Minotaur. 6 characters. Author: Greek Myth

105. The Little Mermaid. 11 characters – (animal characters: Shrimp, Fish)

106. The Drying Tree. 2 characters (animal characters: Squirrel) – Moral Value: Respect for nature, Gratitude

107. The Sad Squirrel. 5 characters (animal characters: Squirrel) - Moral Value: Respect for others and nature, Gratitude

108. Pinocchio. 9 characters – animal characters: fox, cat. Author: Carlo Collody. Moral Value: Truthfulness

109. The Little Red Hen. 5 characters – animal characters: red hen, pig, cat, dog, turkey. Moral Value:Hard work.

110. The Guest of Honor. 3 characters. Moral Value: Respect, Tolerance. Author: Turkish Folktale

111. The Old Man and His Grandson. 4 characters. Moral Value: Respect. Author: Brothers Grimm

112. The Greedy Sister. 4 characters. Moral Value: Love, Generosity. Author: Folktale from Spain

113. Truth and Lie. 4 characters. Moral Value: Do what is right. Author: Greek Folktale.

114. Aladdin. 8 characters. Author: Middle Eastern Folktale.

115. The Promise. 10 characters. Author: French Short Story. Moral Value: Loyalty

116.Jesus Trial. 10 and more characters. Author: K I D S I N C O. Moral Value: Humility. An Easter playscript.

117. The Prince and the Pauper. 6 and more characters. Author: Mark Twain. Moral Value. Kindness

118. Hansel and Gretel. 5 characters. Author: Grimm Brothers. Moral Value: Autonomy

119. King Arthur and the Witch. 10 characters. Author: Popular Folktale. Moral Value: Friendship, Loyalty

120. El Hombrecito de Pan de Jengibre. 8 personajes (Personajes de animales: vaca, cerdo, caballo, perro, zorro). Cuento Popular.

121. The Secret Room. 8 and more characters. Author: Bulgarian Folktale. Moral Value: Experience, Love, Wisdom.

122. The Chicken of the Golden Eggs. 7 characters. Author: AESOP Fable .

123. Los Tres Cochinitos. 8 personajes. Autor Desconocido

124. Echo and Narcissus. 5 characters. Author: Greek Mytholocy.

125. God´s Cell Phone. 3 characters. Author: K I D S I N C O. Moral Value: Love

126. Tin Soldier. 13 characters. Author: Hans Christian Andersen

127. Mount Semsi. 15 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm.

128. The Honest Woodcutter. 3 characters. Author: Jean de La Fontaine

129. Sleeping Beauty. 15 and more characters. Author: Brothers Grimm

130. Snow White. 11 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm

131. The Pied Piper of Hamelin. 24 and more characters (crowd, soldiers, children). Moral Value: Keep a Promise. Anti-Values: Betrayal and Greedy. Author: Brothers Grimm

132. The Just Judge. 6 characters. Author: Leo Tolstoi

133. Fortune and the Greedy Man. 2 characters. Author: Popular Folktale. Moral: If you are too greedy you end up with nothing.

134. I Want My Mother Back. 6 characters. A playscript for Mother’s Day.

135. Rabotity. 14 characters. Folktale from Madagascar. Moral: We are all strong. But there is always someone stronger than us. It is better to respect everybody.

136. The King and the Wise Man. 5 characters. Author: Unknown. Moral: It is not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it that counts.


The Highest Price.

3 characters. Popular Folktale.

Moral Value:


138. Fearless John. 10 characters. By Brothers Grimm.

139. The King`s Ring. 4 characters and more (king soldiers, enemy soldiers, crowd). Author: Budhist Short Story.

140. Sinbad. 3 characters. Traditional Arabic Story.

141. Scrooge – Un Cuento de Navidad. 16 personajes. Por Charles Dickens.

142. The Little Bunnies Go Shopping. 4 characters. By K I D S I N C O. An Easter Playscript.

143. Rumpelstilskin. 4 characters. By Brothers Grimm.

144. Tom Thumb. 12 characters. By Brothers Grimm.

145. The Shoemaker and the Elves. 7 characters. By Brothers Grimm

146. Alice `s Adventures in Wonderland. 19 and more characters. By Lewis Carroll.

147. Empty Tomb. 4 characters. By Four Canonical Gospels.

148. Peter and The Wolf. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 7 characters. Author: Aesop Fable. Moral: People will not trust liers, even if they say the truth. Script about lying.

149. The Three Little Pigs. 5 characters. By Joseph Jacobs. Moral: When you do a job, do it good. Moral Value: Patience, Hard Work, Perseverance.

150. Little Red Riding Hood. 5 characters. By Brothers Grimm.

151. The Goose Girl. 9 characters, By Brothers Grimm.

152. Half Blanket. 3 characters. Author: Old Irish Folktale. Moral: Treat Others as you Would Like to be Treated. Respect Others. A playscript for Father´s Day.

153. It Can Be Too Late. 6 and more characters. A playscript for Father´s Day.

154. Peter Pan. 9 and more characters. By J.M Barrie.

155. Beauty and The Beast. 5 characters. Popular European Folktale.

156. The Enchanted Princess. 7 characters. Author: Unknown

157. Snow White. Funny Script. 11 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm.

158. George Gets Swine Flu. 4 characters. Author: K I D S I N C O

159. Grandmother`s Memories. 2 characters. Author: K I D S I N CO

160. The Brave Taylor. 4 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm

161. Frau Trude. 4 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm. Moral Values: Obedience, Respect.

162. The Three Stones. 2 characters. Author: An Arabian Folktale. Moral Values: Faith, Hope, Charity.

163. Helen Keller. 5 characters. Author: K I D S I N C O

164. The Enchanted Palace. 3 characters + crowd. Author: A Folktale from India.

165. The Empty Box. 7 characters. Author: Unknown. Moral Value: Generosity

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